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Attic Ghost


Based in the attic of Holy Ghost and run by artist and designer Paleblood, Attic Ghost is an independent brand launched to bring Holy Ghost branded merch, original clothing lines and so much more to life.

All clothing, stickers and accessories are made by hand, designed and manufactured by Attic Ghost in collaboration with the artists of Holy Ghost. Products are made of ethically sources fabrics.

AG offers made to order clothing (available online and in-store) and one-off items that are often upcycled and refreshed, making them a truly unique 1 of 1 garment.

Have a browse of the in store clothing options next time you visit Holy Ghost or shop online at our webstore below! 


Attic Ghost Merch - Printing

If you're a creative or an entrepreneur looking to start your business we're here to help!
It would be selfish to horde the capabilities of the Attic Ghost Workshop to ourselves!

If you hate the idea of meeting minimum order quantities or the corporate feel printing services can have then get in contact, Attic Ghost Merch is the printing service you might be looking for! Specialising in a personal approach to small run orders we offer production for:
  • clothing
  • stickers
  • prints
  • temporary tattoos
  • mugs
  • patches
    ...and more


Ran by an artist and designer Attic Ghost Merch takes pride in good back and forth communication to ensure your product idea comes out how you envision it, offering advice and assistance before finalising your item for production.

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