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Tattoo Booking Process

Step 1: Contacting us
The best way to get in touch is via our Facebook messages, we also take inquiries over email.
Step 2: Information we need!
To make this booking process as smooth as possible we'll need to know as much detail as you can provide, reference photos of similar tattoos, sketches, placement ideas of your tattoo.

We're a custom studio, this means we will NEVER copy a design 1:1, our artists will create your design based on the information you provide and their artistic vision from that information.

Ideally we'd love to know the artist you'd prefer your tattoo by, however if you're unsure about who you want we always provide advice on the best choice of artist suited for your idea.

Step 3: Simply Wait
We're a very busy studio so while we try our best to reply ASAP, often we have our manager read through 100+ inquiries a week, we understand the anticipation and anxiety once you've sent your message, it can be tempting to message us again if we haven't replied for a while, but we ask you be patient, every inquiry we receive we provide our best care for, simply put, it takes time... but you wont be forgotten.  

Step 3b: Consultation
Not every client will require a consultation, it all depends on how much information you can provide in Step 2, however in some cases the artist will still want to sit down and discuss your tattoo with you in the studio, this can be helpful if you have any concerns or thoughts that you cant quite get across in a message, usually after a consultation if you and your artist have agreed upon the design you'll be able to book a date, which brings us to step 4...  

Step 4: Bookings and Deposits
On the day of your booking (either following a consultation or once your designs been agreed via messages)
You'll be asked to pay a 
non-refundable  deposit/booking fee, much like a hotel or gig this money is to secure your agreed upon date and attendance, it allows the artist to work on your design and fill your slot in their diary. it also means in the unfortunate event of a cancellation that outside our policy our artist wont have lost a full day of work

This Booking Fee Comes off the overall price of your tattoo (a £300 sitting with a £100 deposit/booking fee means you only pay £200 after the tattoo)

In the studio payments are taken in Cash or by PayPal only, until your deposit has been paid your tattoo hasn't been booked.

Step 4b: Dates and Re-Scheduling 
Once your tattoo has been booked you might find yourself available on an earlier date or need to re-schedule for a later date, we get it, life moves fast and plans can change and we're here to help.

Cancellation list:
We operate a cancellation list, upon request we can place you on this list, if a date with you artist becomes available before your booked date you'll be in the pool of clients offered this date, allowing you to move you date and booking fee to an earlier slot
Moving to a Later Date: 
We understand that sometimes things come up that you didn't anticipate and you may need to move you appointment to a different date, if this is the case we ask that you give us 48H notice, this protects your booking fee and our artists, failing to do so will result in you losing your slot.

Step 5: Your Design and Appointment
Your Design: 
After your booking I'm sure you're eager to see how the tattoo will look, typically within 24 hours of the appointment, you'll see your design, sometimes on the day itself, especially in the case of free-handed designs, where the artist draws their guide on skin before tattooing. Typically the design shown will be a stencil or guide for the finished piece. If you're seeking realism and your artist sends you the line art don't be alarmed that it isn't a fully shaded preview, the shading process between traditional art mediums and tattooing differs wildly!

Preparing for the Sitting:
We advise you do the following things to prepare for a tattoo to make this process as easy on you and your artist as possible

  • DO eat a good breakfast, drink sugary drinks, this gives you the energy and glucose your body will need during your tattoo, it reduces the likelihood of shivers, passing out and generally feeling unwell
  • DO Get a good nights sleep, again this helps you just not feel so terrible during your sitting
  • ​DO NOT drink alcohol the night before (alcohol thins your blood, you can see how this is a problem when a needle is about to put thousands of tiny holes into your skin)
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